'One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star'- Nietzsche
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Recorded Future

To the reader: While I am not the only one to express concern for Greenwald’s jump to independence at The Intercept, I am, as far as I know, the only one to tackle the Amazon-Greenwald special offer and its meaning for those looking to Greenwald as a data privacy champion.  I did try to get this run elsewhere at various venues a few months back, for certainly it is timely, important and well-written.  However, I got no takers.  Greenwald, since the Snowden revelations, is now another sacrosanct figure in the mediasphere.


Generally speaking, I regard my approach to unravelling the vast complexities of reality (if there even is such a thing) as intrepid and, for the most part, fearless. But there are two ideological holy lands that I enter clutching my commentary with some degree of fear and trembling.

The first is Israel, the sense of bracing for the worst reactionary outbursts whenever I gather the largely pointless courage to criticize Israeli policies, especially those designed and implemented by the radical Zionists who dominate decision-making there, such as with the relentless and merciless settlement expansions and the genocidal war criminality. You quickly learn that the IDF does not merely physically invade other states, but also has Minuteman-like cyber reactionaries at the ready who pounce on any and all criticism of their ways and means.

The second tread-lightly zone is in the Untamed Territory that is the commentary section of Glenn Greenwald’s blog. Dissenters know all too well what will happen if they too tightly question a claim or fail to exhibit the appropriate level of hagiographical devotion. Like some of the sceptical animals with questions for Napoleon in Orwell’s Animal Farm, you find you have to get through the dogs first, always mindful of what happened to that working class hero, Boxer, who, you might say, was the glue of the community. The irony is, and the cult of Greenwald sure does like its irony feeds, you can look left at the righty wingnuts of Zion, and then right at the lefty flywheels of Sion, and totally not know the difference.

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